Celebrating 40 Years of Exclusivity

Winchester prides itself on manufacturing “True” Triple Glass Replacement Windows and Doors for USA homeowners.

Winchester Industries proudly commemorates 40 years of triple glass insulating window and door manufacturing. Achieving this milestone would not be possible without our devoted “Exclusive” dealer network and employees.

In 1983 Winchester’s founders had a unique vision and perspective that pioneered triple pane replacement windows as the means to provide what has now become a global necessity! Saving the earth’s energy while providing homeowners with dynamic performing windows remains our goal! Producing triple glass windows 40 years ago was so visionary when the industry is just now starting to realize that triple pane windows are a must. Winchester takes great pride in being an industry innovator.

In celebration of this milestone, Winchester plans to aggressively expand its’ dealer base, so more homeowner’s can have the ability to purchase high-quality custom-made triple pane products from a manufacturer that has 40 years of expertise in making what is clearly becoming an industry priority. Exclusively reinforced vinyl main frame with “true” triple pane glass and high-end technologies provides structural and thermal performances that have exceeded industry energy standards.

With over 2.5 million windows, patio doors and steel doors installed nationwide, homeowners continue to benefit from Winchester’s exclusive features and superior performing products. Winchester partners with Exclusive Bristol and Oxford Dealers, across the USA, in selling and installing top-of-the-line replacement windows and doors.

Privately owned and highly respected in the industry, Winchester produces the Bristol and Oxford windows and doors at our 141,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Saltsburg, PA, which is east of Pittsburgh, PA.

Winchester maintains that homeowners should only have to replace their windows once. To achieve this goal, we continue to improve our superior products that are warranted to outperform homeowners’ expectations for half a century.

Winchester’s employees take great pride in the craftsmanship of the windows and doors. Homeowners who select our products join us in this well-deserved satisfaction. The foundation of Winchester was built when the original owners, Robert Weis and George Yuhasz. They combined their decades of industry knowledge to debut the first triple-glass Bristol replacement double-hung window in 1983. Producing triple-pane windows 40 years ago catapulted Winchester as a recognized leader in window innovation.

Winchester’s windows have evolved from basic triple glass to our present-day Super TE-A+ glass that is comprised with our own proprietary gas mixture, specialized spacer system, and superior reflective multi-layered Low-E coatings in a 1” insulating glass unit. Manufacturing state-of-the-art high technology products assures that we continue to achieve the original mission of saving energy and providing homeowners with products that are well worth their investment.

Our patented Bristol Q-IV Locking System was pioneered to surpass security features already on the market. Four hardened steel locking points create not only a visual difference but add a built-in security feature that allows Winchester to provide a guaranty against home break-ins.

Winchester takes great pride in being an innovator in the market! Exclusive and patented features coupled with our superior glazing features and privately owned frame design and reinforcement, clearly differentiates our products from most other replacement windows on the market. In addition to a full line of custom window models, exclusive entry door and patio doors are also available. All products are custom-made for every opening, which assures complete homeowner satisfaction.

Winchester’s dealers are situated in true exclusive territories. This aids in getting them out of the generic window business by being the only sales organization within a designated marketplace to sell Bristol or Oxford products. Sales representatives and installers are skillfully trained and knowledgeable.

Today, President Michael Sugrue, part owner, is proudly committed to running the daily operations and overseeing all facets of the business. George Yuhasz, majority owner, maintains an active role in providing leadership and knowledge. The passing of Robert Weis in April 2021 left behind a legacy that continues to guide the company’s philosophy and goals. Because of original ownership foresight and employee dedication, Winchester enjoys a financial and employee stability seldom seen in corporate America.