Bristol Garden Units

Bristol Reinforced Vinyl Garden Window

Bristol garden windows are designed to protrude from exterior walls to allow for a deep seat for indoor garden houseplants or collectibles. Maximum sunlight is achieved through an angled glass top. For ventilation, side glass panels open a full 900. The custom made nature of Bristol’s vinyl garden windows makes them a perfect addition to an area where there was once no window.

The following features for our Bristol garden windows are In addition to Bristol’s exclusive design, superior structural, and thermal features.

  • Double locks and screens are standard – Maximum security and ventilation.
  • Birch or Oak Veneer over 1-1/4 Plywood insulated seat board – Accepts stains or paint. 
  • 17-¾” Projection – Ample room for plants and decorative items. 
  • Fusion-Welded one-piece sash – Stability and beauty while eliminating draft. 
  • Easy cleaning – Trapezoid Casement end vents open a full 90°
  • Glass top allows for optimum sunlight for plants
  • Available in White or Beige warm colors 
  • Standard with 2 decorative knee braces

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