Oxford Window Styles

Oxford Educated Choice vinyl replacement windows offer a library of unlimited styles and options to choose from. Designed to complement any style of home. Oxford’s superior insulating and structural features provide energy, time, and money savings while increasing the value of your home. 

Oxford’s precision-engineered innovation begins with a PVC virgin vinyl mainframe & sash that encompasses aluminum and HDR (High Definition Reinforcement) reinforcement bars. This eliminates painting, scraping, warping, and year-round maintenance headaches while providing a structure that will maintain stability and thermal performance for a lifetime.

Specifically designed adjustable alignment clips and sill extension allow for easy installation in any opening. Double fusion-welded sash corners and reinforced sash frames provide the right combination to increase thermal and structural stability. All operating hardware is secured into vinyl and our proprietary composite HDR bar that provides optimum anchoring and screw retention.


Double Hung

Both sash slide up and down and tilt-in for super easy inside indoor cleaning. Dual locks and tilt-in latches provide effortless opening and closing. Up to three double-hung units can be factory mulled for superior structural and thermal performances.


Oxford slider sash both slide effortlessly left or right and easily lift out for indoor cleaning. Sliders are available in 2 or 3-lite units with fixed or moveable centers. Fiberglass screens are standard for all moveable panels.

Casement & Awning

Oxford casements incorporate commercial-grade​ side hinge style hardware that directs the projection outward. Compression seal and tandem locks accentuate this style.
Awnings are hinged at the top and open outward. Both units have interior screens.


Windows that are non-venting or inoperable. It can typically be larger than operating units offering an unobstructed view. Oxford offers units that match a specific style, (Double-Hung, Slider or Casement) or a unique direct set version.

Bay & Bow

Beauty at it’s finest! Bay units are typically a combination of 3 units with the center being larger than the ends. Bow windows are four or five adjoining window units in a radius. All units can be stationary, operating or combinations thereof. Choice of wood frames and trim accentuates the chosen units.​


Designed to protrude from exterior walls to allow for a deep seat for houseplants or decorative items. Oxford trapezoid side units are operable to a full 90°. Maximum sunlight is obtained via a ​glass top.​​​


Double-hung​s, sliders, casements and awnings combined with picture windows are available as one unit with continuous headers and sills. Choose from 20+ factory standard models. Perfect for those large openings.​​


Best suited for basement locations or areas where a small opening needs a window. Windows pull in to open and have fiberglass exterior screens.


Circle Tops and eyebrows are the most commonly used shaped windows. Our offerings don’t stop there – choose from cathedral, circle, ellipse, half shape, hexagon, octagon, oval, pentagon, arch style, trapezoid or triangle shapes.

“We moved from Minnesota to our current home in Northern Virginia in 2002. The house was built in 1982 with windows that were not of high quality, and they didn’t get any better with time. Having been accustomed to a snug, well-insulated home in Minneapolis, it was distressing to realize how drafty the new place was. We survived the winter of 2002-2003 with the old windows, then called Ameritech the following summer. They explained the advantages of Oxford’s triple-pane design and we decided to get all the old ones replaced. The change was very dramatic and agreeable, too. Not only did the house feel appropriately “tight” and free of drafts, the Oxford windows also were easy to open and close, easy to tilt out for cleaning, and just plain good looking. It’s been that way for 18 years. However, enthusiastic teenagers had managed to crack one window and damage the balance mechanism on another, so a bit of maintenance was needed. Today we had a visit from Keith at Ameritech, one of the people involved in the original 2003 project. I hadn’t expected to be able to reconnect with someone who has so much experience in the industry. It was a pleasure to show him the items that needed attention, while also letting him know how happy we’ve been with the decision to go with Ameritech’s recommendation of Oxford windows. They’ve really performed well all these years and are showing no signs of aging. Occasionally I’ve made decisions that I’ve looked back at some years later and questioned my choices. That is not the case with our Oxford windows. I give both the windows and Ameritech’s professional and courteous staff my enthusiastic endorsement.

Dan P.

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