Entry Door Features

Every entry door can be fully customized to create a unique look with our 20 entry door colors, paints, stains, and hardware options. 

Entry Door Colors

Choose from 20 different color choices. Standard is the ability to customize your door(s) in a mix or match fashion – painted on inside and stained on the exterior or vice versus. Factory experts apply industrial grade finishes that begin with the electrostatic bonding of the steel, inside and out. This unique technique permits the adhering of primers and multiple coats of specially formulated paints and stains.  Whichever you choose, it will look superior for years to come.  Our three-part paints and stains are exclusively formulated with the following additives:

  • High-resistance agents for strength against scratches and chipping
  • Low-gloss protective additives for a long-lasting sheen
  • Sunscreen additives protect from harmful ultraviolet rays


Available in Alpine White, Egg Shell Cream, Dormer Brown, Homestead Brown, Chocolate Chip Brown, Honey Bee, Allspice, Mason Brick, Ember Red, Burgundy, Grecian Green, Teal, Polymer Blue, Jay Blue, Bar Harbor, Fashion Grey, and Jet Black (trim only)*


Available in Oak, Walnut, Mahogany*

*Due to size, texturing does not represent well. Due to variables in monitors and/or printers, the colors represented here should not be considered as “actual.”  Your sales rep will have actual color chips for you to choose from.


Polished brass, antique brass or satin nickel hardware finish colors complement your choice of glazing styles. Protected by the Schlage “Ultima” lifetime warranty against tarnish, corrosion and mechanical defects. Quality Schlage hardware adds the finishing touches to the unique character of every entry system. Heavy-duty construction provides long-lasting smooth operation and protection from unwanted intruders.

Choose from standard door knobs with deadbolts or a more elegant look with decorator style thumb latches. 


Most hardware is available in polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel and aged bronze

Standard Knob with Deadbolt

Security deadbolt lock with full 1” cut-proof bolt and hardened steel pin that cannot be sawed or jimmied – single-cylinder with outside key lock and inside turn knob; Double cylinder has inside and outside key lock.

Decorator Style with Thumb Latches

Decorator grip handle with a styled alike deadbolt – thumb latch entry with the security of rugged deadbolt locking. 1” cut-proof bolt available in single or double cylinder deadbolt.

Flair Lever

Designer touch keyed entry function unlocks when the door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly, conveniently, and re-enter easily – Locked by inserting the key and rotating cylinder from outside or manually rotating interior turn-button after exit.

Keypad and Deadbolt

 Provides additional layers of keyless security and protection. Switch from automatic relocking to unlocked as needed. No programming required; preset with two user codes. Battery operated with over 3-year battery life.

Keypad Deadbolt

Innovative Turn Lock feature allows you to lock & leave without a key. Provides the convenience of customizable keyless access.

Decorative Pitcher


Mail slot with spring closure outside and gravity closure inside; Satin Nickel has outside flap only.

Decorative Knocker

Door knocker with our standard wide-angle lens viewer. Security extra wide-angle viewer with one-way lens for private viewing of outside visitors.


180° wide-angle door viewer lets you view visitors before opening your door


Decorative protective interior or exterior kick plate.


With these facts in mind, our entry door security features include:

  • 22-gauge heavy textured steel skin with precision finished steel angled edges on all four sides; oak graining technique increases strength to the equivalent of 20 gauge
  • 18-gauge steel “L” angled replacement style frame
  • Interlocking yellow chromate, 13-gauge rust-free non-removable adjustable interlocking hinges are reinforced by 12-gauge steel plates that are welded to the steel frame door
  • Composite lockbox houses hardware – no wood to splinter
  • Standard with steel five-pin tumbler lock and deadbolt
  • Heavy-duty locks with full one inch bolt and hardened steel pin that resists being sawed through or jimmied
  • Unique thermal and security lock preparation
  •  Extra-wide angle security lens viewer
  • Keyed alike to other doors
External view of solitaire entry door with side lites.