Become a Dealer

Becoming a dealer for Winchester Industries products comes with many benefits and is backed by our industry expertise. 

Dealer Benefits

You will be backed by our 38+ years of triple insulating glass manufacturing expertise, dealer support, superior products, and warranties. Our proven Difference will assist your goal of increased sales and complete customer satisfaction! Ultimate performing products that encompass many exclusive and patented features found only with Winchester products complement your very own exclusive sales territory as well.
Our goal is to give replacement window and door dealers the tools to be recognized as “Superior” and “Stand Out” as having the only products that every homeowner deserves. Providing dealers with service inexpediency, knowledge, experience, and relationships along with quality products, selection and variety clearly define the method to set you apart from the common industry platitudes.

Why Winchester

Because we care as much about our dealers as we do our products. Winchester is privately owned and operated. Owning complete control of every aspect allows us to support every dealer individually. We don’t desire to be all things to everyone. We want you to provide a product to your customers that will make them feel excellent about their purchase. 


Winchester specializes in supplying our dealers and their clients with top-of-the-line products and services. We assist our dealers in eliminating price shopping by providing them with the best products that no other dealer can offer. You won’t find the same products or experience anywhere else in the market. 


Our company’s philosophy is to be different than all the rest. That is why our products surpass all other products on the market. Our manufacturing process is not a one size fits all, it’s custom to our client’s needs. Winchester’s difference can be seen in every one of our products.


Winchester’s craftsmanship is based around producing energy-efficient replacement windows and doors. The revolution of Winchester’s top-of-the-line windows has evolved from clear triple-glass to triple-glass loaded with the industry’s best energy-efficient enhancements. Our superior insight has led us to only manufacturing state-of-the-art high technology products that are designed to fight against rising energy costs. 

To all our friends at Winchester, we could never tell you in words how much we appreciate all of you. You put our a product far superior to anything. Your attention to detail is amazing and everyone in the factory and office really care about the customer…that is unheard of today. You are an amazing team. Merry Christmas and may all of you have the best New Year ever!
Melvin Dixon

Owner, Integrity Construction