Patio Door Features

Patio/sliding glass doors are superior in every way! Standard with triple glass, vacation lock, outside keylock and keyed alike hardware are virtually nonexistent among other patio door manufacturer features. Feel secure while letting the view in. 

Energy Saving Glass

Winchester’s sliding/patio glass doors are designed with triple glass as standard. Built tough and designed to last because you deserve the maximum thermal performance and security that every door manufactured provides.

Super Triple-E, with SolarBan 60, ALPHA-10, and BR50 glass system reigns above all others. Our best starts with three pieces of safety tempered glass that provides two insulating air spaces with an optimum overall thickness of 1” for maximum thermal performance and security. 

For energy efficiency above all standards, Winchester utilizes the industry’s best soft-coat PPG SolarBan 60 Solar Control Low-E glass. SolarBan 60 adds energy efficiency and comfortable living thanks to almost invisible microscopically – thin multiple reflective coatings that block out solar energy and keep furnace heat in.

Be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. SolarBan 60 glass stops up to 92% of unwanted dangerous ultraviolet rays.  

Our innovation is expanded with our very own proprietary gas mixture. ALPHA-10 inert gas insulation is denser than the commonly used Argon. This invisible, but extremely effective form of insulation adds additional barriers to unwanted weather, noise, condensation, and icing.

Our non-conductive envirosealed thermoplastic BR50 sealant spacer system eliminates the use of aluminum spacers that promote condensation. BR50 consists of a thermoplastic material, desiccant, and metallic insert, which is extruded into one continuous form. BR50 eliminates corners that cause leakage.

Decorative Grid Options

Add elegance and style to your patio door opening with flat or contour rectangular grids, diamond grids or stunning beveled glass. Grids are available in white, beige, brown, light or medium woodgrain and gold. Rectangular and diamond grids are 5/16″ x 3/16”; Beveled grid is 3/4”.  Standard rectangular pattern is 5H/2V; Diamond is 31D; Beveled is 4H/2V. Custom patterns are available upon request.

Grid Type

Winchester Patio Door Rectangular Grids


Winchester Patio Door Diamond Grid Pattern


Winchester Patio Door Beveled Glass

Beveled Glass

Grid Color

Available in White, Beige, Brown, Light Woodgrain, Medium Woodgrain, and Gold*

*colors may vary from the swatches displayed

Patio Door Colors


Available in White, Brown and Beige


Available in White, Beige, Brown, Light Woodgrain, and Medium Woodgrain

*colors may vary from the swatches displayed. 
Light Woodgrain is available with White exterior only. Medium Woodgrain is available with White, Beige, or Brown exterior colors.

Hardware Options

All hardware choices are available with any frame color choice. 

Recommended choices are Light or Medium Woodgrain with polished brass; Brown/Brown; White/White; Beige/Satin Nickel.


Our 4-point precision locking system allows you to get rid of that unsightly broom handle and still feel secure.

  • Two steel locking bars that bolt into steel receivers in the head and sill with one easy motion (1, 2)
  • Additional security/ventilation lock with key (3)
  • Optional 5-pin cylinder key lock (4)
  • A specially designed 5/8” interlock section (5) joins both panels together with a full-length metal bar that makes prying open virtually impossible.

Quality design and craftsmanship lets you feel secure even when today’s statistics show home break-ins are on the rise.


Nowhere else can you get the quality, security, and performance that Winchester doors are built with. To prove we believe our doors are best, we offer a superior non-prorated transferable warranty on the entire door and insulating glass with glass breakage protection.  Winchester means protection at its best. Validate your warranty by clicking here to access information.