Winchester’s highly innovative structural design encompasses many built-in security features. Your comfort, peace-of-mind and safety are forerunners in our mission as a business. Reinforced frames, true triple-pane glass and superior quality hardware are just a few of the extra safety measures built-in to every window and door. Additionally, products built with our very own patented Quattro-IV security system provide an  unsurpassed level of comfort and safety. 

Keeping Your Family Safe

Taking the extra step to secure your home means keeping your family and your valuables safe. In 2018 the FBI reported  there were an estimated 7,196,045 property crimes nationwide. Because of this, Winchester Industries takes every extra precaution to provide you with secure windows and doors.


Daytime Burglaries

According to a 2019 article from, there are 1,495,790 during the day. Break-ins are 6% more likely to occur during the day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. while people are at work or running errands.

$16.4 Billion

In Estimated Losses

The FBI reported that collectively victims of property crimes (excluding arson) suffered losses estimated at $16.4 billion in 2018.


Nighttime Burglaries

According to a 2019 article from, there are 1,324,090 during the night. The cover of night brings security for intruders but also means people are more likely to be home.

Q-IV Locking System

Bristol patented steel dead-bolt locking system is virtually the best interior locking system on the market. Bristol windows give you security and peace of mind with the Q-IV locking system. Windows that include a “Quattro IV Security System,” are designed to deter residential forced entries/burglaries through properly locked windows and doors by increasing the difficulty level of entry.From the exterior, the Q-IV locking handle is not visible and therefore not operable. The Q-IV systems, like any other system on the market, cannot ever make a residence 100% forced entry/burglary-proof. Proper use of a Q-IV Security System should discourage completions of forced entries/burglaries. Windows with Q-IV systems offer an exclusive 50-Year security guarantee.